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Reload Thread: Genesis series 3 pricing...

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    Genesis series 3 pricing...

    Hi guys,
    really need your help on getting any kind of idea what these go for used with minor scuffs and perfect running condition.
    automatic transmission on my car just gave up and well.. guess i have to buy a new one.

    I have 4 Genesis series 3 amps that sadly i was thinking about selling to afford another car..
    they are a gen- five channel( has most scuffs ), a dual mono, and 2 stereo 100´s,
    also have a 1070dls pair that could go..
    Just love everything about these amps except for the price, were stupid expensive when i bought them but do i sell at half price used ? 1/3 ? any ideas ?
    Is there a market for used genny´s ?

    Sorry if this is not the place for this kind of a discussion, but any helpful input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Genesis series 3 pricing...

    Try diymobileaudio.com

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