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Reload Thread: best 1200 watt at 1 ohm amp under $300

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    best 1200 watt at 1 ohm amp under $300

    I'm looking for a new amp around 1200 watts at 1 ohm for my 12" type r. Just wondering if anyone has some good recommendations for an amp. Right now I'm looking at Rockford Fosgate Prime R1200-1D and Soundqubed Q1-1200Wx1. I appreciate any help. Thanks

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    Re: best 1200 watt at 1 ohm amp under $300

    New American Bass VFL 100 1 1500 Watt Class D Monoblock Amplifier | eBay *** Nice amp that does rated without doubt***

    Mmats D200HC Professional Digital Car Audio Amplifier | eBay *** This would be my choice out of the ones listed so far****

    Soundstream TA1 2000D TA1 2000D 4000W Max Watt Taratula Series Mono D Amplifier | eBay *will do the job*

    Soundstream RUB1 1600D Mono Amp 3200W Max Sub Subwoofers Speakers Amplifier New 709483032392 | eBay ** Great bang for the buck amp ****

    DTR1 1700D Soundstream Car Amp 3400 w Max Subs Subwoofers Speakers Amplifier 283462092084 | eBay ** Good amp**

    S2000 1D Precision Power Amp 4000W Max PPI Amplifier 709483035997 | eBay * Good amp**

    There are vmany more if willing to go used checked the classys for a good deal.. That rubi is a **** good amp and price and that mmats is pure quality...

    Used yet a Saz for under 300 not a bad deal at all. Tell him 290 shipped. Good guy also... - Elevation Audio Dx1500.1 Zenon Board

    If u wanna keep it on the cheap then this will work.. You will get the 1200 you seek for sure - MB Quart ONX2000.1

    RIP Maynard "My heart"

    HU - Eclipse CD7000
    Front Stage - 5 Silver flute 6.5's - 6 Seas Prestige tweets Soon to be FS
    Front Stage amp - DB Drive A7 125.4 For Sale In amp section
    Subwoofer - 3 Skar VVX 10's & 2 TRF Blacks For Sale in Sub Section
    Subwoofer Amp - 2 - Skar SK-2500's & Sundown 5k & 2 Nendo bc2000's For Sale in Amp section
    Box - 4.25cf tuned to 30hz using a 6" internal aero 15" long.. Free
    Wiring - Knukonceptz everything, Big 3, Sprinter S12V370F & HC1800 Soon to be all FS

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    Re: best 1200 watt at 1 ohm amp under $300

    I would take a look at Audioque.

    Mono Block

    Try this.

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    Re: best 1200 watt at 1 ohm amp under $300

    Id go AQ/SQ1200 or PPI 1800.

    1994 Ford Lightning
    Pioneer 80prs/AQ1200D/SA-8s/Kicker KS 6.5" comps/400.4/optima red top/200 amp alt/
    2010 Focus
    Pioneer 80PRS (3 way active)/(Walled) (2) DC lvl3 18's/AQ2200D/PPI800.4/(6)AQ Promids/(4)AQ supertweets/AlphaDamped/KnuKonceptz wiring/Deka 100AH

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    Re: best 1200 watt at 1 ohm amp under $300

    CT Sounds 900.1. And, I have a customer who bought one but decided it's too much amp for his Type R 10 (And I agree). He wants to sell it and get a 500.1. I told him I'd try to sell it for him so he could make the swap. PM me if you're interested.

    Owner, Audio Anarchy, LLC
    2915 Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA

    Authorized Dealer in NW Louisiana for CT Sounds & Execution Audio. We also carry other products but you really don't want that stuff... ;-)

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    Re: best 1200 watt at 1 ohm amp under $300

    I have a very mint Polk pa 1000. It's 1200 rms

    pioneer avhx 5500 dvd, gzpa 1.4000 x 2
    ab vfl 350.4 ,7 pc 2150 and a 150 ah power ware agm ,275 amp singer alt , 2nd one coming soon
    cdt 6.5 es 6 im mids,cdt es 010 tweets,es 02 mids ,mx1000 3 way x overs , sky high and stinger hpm o gauge wires ,also 2 tantric hdd 15's in a 9.5. ^3 ported no wall box 11.5 octo port.

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    Re: best 1200 watt at 1 ohm amp under $300

    Hifonics BRX1600.1D

    01 Lincoln Continental - Mary

    XFL 12" on a VFL150.1, 4.5 cubes net @27Hz
    Powerware 150ah monster, SHCA 1/0 & 8ga
    Pioneer D Series 6.5" and 6x8" on a VFL150.4

    References: mylows10, 2000LaDe , VWGolfMKVI, Garcia915, UnderFire, joeybutts
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