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    Amp choices for Hex's

    Now that I can finally buy my amp for my Diamond Hex S600a's what amp do you suggest? Which is the best bang for the buck. I love SQ, so thats mainly what I'm going for. So far, heres my choices:

    Diamond D5 300.2 $250
    Diamond D5 600.2 $350
    Zapco Ref 350.2 $300
    PG Ti400.2 $310
    PG Ti600.2 $390
    PG Xenon X100.2 $350

    Which would you recommend? And do I really need as much power as the 600.2's put out? Thanks a bunch!!
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    Re: Amp choices for Hex's

    D5 600.2 !!!!! the 300.2 is way too week for those speakers

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