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Reload Thread: Amp Issue, no sound

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    Amp Issue, no sound

    Got a brand new MB Quart OA600.4 amp. I hooked it up today and am running my Pioneer TSD1720c comps off the front channels and a Pioneer single 4ohm TS-W260S4 off the rear channel. I fired it up and no sound. I checked and double checked all of my connections. I checked all my fuses. No protect light but a very, VERY dim power light is lit. I powered the car off again and restarted it and ran to the back to watch the amp power up.

    Here is what happens (repeatable every time the amp powers on).

    The power light will come on very bright, the protect light will flicker on and then off in less than a second then the power light will come back on very dim. The amp never had produced any sound.

    I called Sonic Electronix and they are going to replace the amp since we both suspect that it is a bad amp.

    What are the chances it is a different problem and what can it be based on the information I have?


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    Re: Amp Issue, no sound

    I have had a similar issue in the past. I couldn't get any sound from my amp, had appropriate voltage to it, and the amp powered on. Turned out I wasn't getting enough current because at a point in the power wire, it was kinda burned up and there weren't many good strands. I repaired the problem and things were running good from then on.

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    Re: Amp Issue, no sound

    use a DMM to measure voltage at the battery and remote terminals relative to the ground terminal.

    poorly done grounds (like grounded to painted metal) can cause this issue.

    have you been helped by me? i'd love to know. shoot me a PM.

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    Re: Amp Issue, no sound

    check your RCA'S i was putting in my cousins sub this weekend and we were sitting there for hours with the amp on by no sound, then we accidently moved the rca's and they started playing then went off again. Turned out to be the rca's were bad. so we replaced them and BAM good to go

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