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Reload Thread: Cerwin Vega Stealth 1200.1

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    Cerwin Vega Stealth 1200.1

    I'm in the market for a new amp for the wife's minivan. Finally starting a small build I've been planning for over a year. Finally have some extra funds so I'm going to start ordering stuff.

    What do you guys think of this amp? Cerwin-Vega STEALTH1200.1 Monoblock Stealth 1200.1 Car Amp I know CV has taken a bit of a dive in quality over the years but I kind of like this thing due to it's size and price. It's got 3 40 amp fuses so I'm going to say it does around 1200 like it says it does. It'll be run at around 1 ohm.

    I'll either be getting 3 10's or 2 12's and 1200 rms is about as high as I'd like to go. I've ran 1000 rms in the van before on a p1000bd and the voltage stayed pretty decent. I've done the big 3 and it's got Kicker 4 gauge installed. So... Let the beatings begin!

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    Re: Cerwin Vega Stealth 1200.1

    I've been waiting for the new Stealth amps to become available from one of my distributors. CV uses what looks to be a really good Class D design in this line. My prediction is it should be very much worth running.

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    Re: Cerwin Vega Stealth 1200.1

    That or the ppi bk1300.1 is a good choice

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    Re: Cerwin Vega Stealth 1200.1

    i had the older model stealth 500.1 it did realy good. the same with the vega 600.1 amp.
    so in my opinion the newer cerwin amps are a good value for the money

    Norwegian cerwin vega fan

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