So I'm trying to figure out if my YPA-700 would be enough to make 2 Infinity 609CS 270W component sets sound good. Or do I need to install 2 of them? Run each at 2 channels. Or run one YPA-700 and a YPA-1000. The 1000 for the fronts and 700 for the rears? I'm trying to get the best sound I can. Extreme audiophile on a budget per say.

Current gear on hand

Head Unit - Kenwood Excelon KDC-X997
Speakers - 2 Infinity 609CS 270W component sets, MB Quart ONX110 4" 2-Way
Amplifier - Yamaha YPA-700, YPA-1000
Subwoofer - Undecided (Suggestions are welcome)

This is all going into a 86 Jetta.

Thank you for your time and input.