Hey everyone,

I am setting up a new system in my civic in which I have previously fried some subs due to clipping.

So this time around I am going to do this right and will use a scope. I understand how to find where my HU clips, and where my amp clips when not hooked up to a load. I just want to clarify a couple points to ensure I am not going to blow another set of subs.

My amp does 1500w RMS (rated) at 2 ohms (what my subs are wired at). Subs are rated for 1000w RMS. So when I am setting the gain with the subs not hooked up, assuming it doesn't clip before hand, I should try to set the output to 44.72Vrms from the chart for 2 ohms 1000w.

Now my amp is set for 1000W of clean power with no load but how can I ensure it isn't clipping with the load of the sub-woofers dragging down my electrical system? Can I hook the scope back up to the + - output of the amp with the subs wired in also?

I have upgraded my civic's alternator to 140amps, done the big 3, and have 4ga running to the amp but really like to verify the amp is making clean power under load w/o having to buy anything else.

Thanks as always!

Amp VIBE Audio BlackBox BASS 5
Subs 2 * JL 10" W3v3 sealed in a JL box
HU Pioneer DEH-P880PRS