Not getting any response from another forum, so I figured I would post this here too.

I just installed my newly acquired Elemental Designs Nine.5. I set the gains using my DMM and have 1awg power wire.

My head unit is about 6-7yrs old, Pioneer Premier, can't remember the model number. Have two Rockford Fosgate subs wired at 1ohm. They are rated 400 rms each, so def not overpowering them. Also running 4 sets of Focal 165 Access separates.

First question- in setting Ch 1-4, at 100 watts/ch the voltage should have been set at 20V. I couldn't achieve that setting. The best I could get is 18V at full rotation of the gain setting. What could be the problem in this?

Second- set the sub channel correctly, 25V. After setting up the amp, it sounds awesome! But at higher volumes, the sub Ch goes into protect mode. Why is it doing this? It shouldn't be, should it?
Thanks for any help!