Well i decied its time to get me an amp, So i Went to tweeter since theirs a few guys their i like and helped me get where i am today so I went their. One the asso salesmen wanted to sell me a 4 channel 200 wat alpine amp. Well when i had some alone time with my speaker setup of 4 fx-8 Bostons i heard so much distortion it was not funny. Well i clicked on the JL 4x25 4 channel amp. It was a class AB amp and it was so clean and everything i was like i gota get this bad boy and i was expecting no one then a 220 price tag well i got slaped in the face and saw a 300 dollar price tag. I was like screw this its very clean and i love it but the price is nuts and its only 100 watts! . So i was wondering anyone any good AB amps that are around 200-240 range that give my bostons the clear and crystal sound that im look for. I defently want quailty then noise