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Reload Thread: My test: Flatline Audio BA2 (7k)

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    My test: Flatline Audio BA2 (7k)

    Flatline Audio BA2

    - 4,000w rms @ 1 ohm (12v)
    - 7,000w rms @ 1 ohm (14.4v)
    - 8,600w rms @ 1 ohm (16v)
    - 9,600w rms @ 1 ohm (18v)

    Initial impression is that this thing is beefy. It has to be 35 pounds or better. It *looks* small-ish, but it's got some serious heft. It's also a little taller than most amps so don't let the footprint fool you.

    Beefy little pair of amps here. My amp was unbadged so this pic is courtesy of Hank. The rest of them will be mine.

    Dual 1/0 power and ground. Pretty standard on an amp of this size. I know some of you don't like the angled inputs, but Flatline includes custom inputs to straighten those out if you wish.

    Strappable with a standard RJ11 (phone cord). Some may find this convenient and clean. Some may hate it. I happen to like it. Pass through RCA's. Standard controls except that I really like these metal gain pots. They just feel more solid.

    Guts. I just noticed how crappy this pic is. Sorry about that. Must have had some schmutz on my phone camera lens.

    More guts. I know some of you think the board looks scarce, but here is what you don't see from an overview shot. And why the amp is a little taller. The components are tall and/or stacked up kinda. Again, crappy pics, but you can kinda get an idea of the size. You really kinda need to see it in person to appreciate what I'm trying to show here.

    Now for the good stuff. The testing.

    Set unloaded. It was doing between 103-106v clean. That's a lot of voltage. 108v was a very soft clip. I left it set at 103v for the clamp.

    And here you go. I only did one burp and only at 14v starting voltage. I think this is plenty to judge the performance capability of this amp.

    7,510w at just under 1 ohm ohm and 12.7v.

    Yep. It's doing rated. And then some. It's doing it's 14v rating at 12v. I have zero doubt 9k would be in the rearview mirror on higher voltage.

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    Re: My test: Flatline Audio BA2 (7k)

    Beast amp. How's the build quality? Its looks clean

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    Re: My test: Flatline Audio BA2 (7k)

    **** nice numbers tfade

    Ref's- Bass14(smd),the rest on caco.com, ddbump, GearGuy2001,extremechevyman67,pieper88,
    Zookporter17, White91Formula

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    Re: My test: Flatline Audio BA2 (7k)

    Nice looking amp. Impressive clamp results.

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