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Reload Thread: Will changing out amps improve SQ?

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    Will changing out amps improve SQ?

    I know there are mixed opinions about this, I just wanted to get your guy's opinion.

    If I change out my Vibe Stereo litebox 4 (Arc audio mini clone) to a Arc audio KS300.4, do you think I would be able to hear an audible difference in SQ? Assuming my vibe isn't putting out a clipped distorted signal right now.

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    Re: Will changing out amps improve SQ?

    SQ is more dependent on signal first, it's like watching a DVD on 80" screen. you're swap out is like watching a DVD on an 80" LCD and going to an 80" LED and asking if you will have better picture quality.

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    Re: Will changing out amps improve SQ?

    You will hear a difference if for no other reason than you won't have the levels matched precisely. Nobody bothers to set levels within 1 dB+- when changing amps, plus you're going to expect to hear differences so you will hear differences. Those Litebox amps were said to be pretty good, but I've never used one. If you want to try that amp then go for it.

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    Re: Will changing out amps improve SQ?

    amps will reproduce the signal differently due to several factors associated with amplifier design. nothing is ideal.

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