Hi all, long time no post :P I've been busy with school and such.

I was cleaning out my trunk, and decided to take everything out. While I was looking at my box, I decided that I would mount my subs *** out to give them more airspace since they're in a crappy pre-fab box. Upon doing that, my amp and box were both sliding around in the trunk. One of my positive leads came loose from my terminal in one of my VCs on one of my 15s. The amp was flashing into protect mode every couple of seconds. I then secured the loose wire and reinforced it, and now my amp stays in protect, with the power LED blinking rapidly. It started getting hot on me so I yanked the remote wire. Does anyone know what that light flashing combination means? I haven't had time to look at the guts, but I was hoping someone could elaborate or shed some wisdom for me.