I am just wanting opinions on running my old school zed made planet audio p1502 amplifier at 1 ohm bridged. These amps are hard to come buy, and the last thing I want to do is fry it.

My plan is to set it up to run at 600-700 watts via multimeter to keep the ameperage down. The final load of my subwoofers is 1 ohm after box rise I may be okay.

Just wanting opinions on, maybe from someone with experience doing this. Specs of amplifier.

150Wx2 @ 4ohms 220Wx2 @ 2ohms 300Wx2 @ 1ohms 440Wx1 @ 40hms bridged 600Wx1 @ 20hms bridged

10Hz-100Khz -3db Input signal sensitivity (gain) 100mV-5.7V SNR=103dB 9"W x 2.5"T x 14.2"L 55-4.2HZ HP/LP filter Bass boast 0-12dB