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    What ohm amp do I get?

    This is probably the dumbest question on the site haha. I'm going to buy an amp tomorrow and I need to know which ohm amp I need.

    I want to wire two door speakers to it and that's all. Just one speaker in the left door and one in the right door. I was assuming it was 2-Channel but I just want to be absolutely sure before I blow it up

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    Re: What ohm amp do I get?

    Yea a 2ch

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    Re: What ohm amp do I get?

    Check the ohms on your speakers that you are running off the amp. It will be a two channel amp. Chances are speaker ohms are going to be 4-ohms per speaker so find an amp that will do the RMS power of the speaker at that 4-ohms or whatever ohms the speakers are. If the ohms aren't listed, get a digital multimeter, set it to ohms, + to + and - to - and it will give you your ohm rating on the speaker.

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