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Reload Thread: Anyone recognize the brand of this?

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    Re: Anyone recognize the brand of this?

    Quote Originally Posted by infamous_e46 View Post
    Wut else u gots
    The trots.

    Want a 3" 'subwoofer'?

    Dayton Audio ND91-4 3-1/2" Aluminum Cone Full-Range Driver 4 290-224

    Quote Originally Posted by audioholic View Post
    Saying "clipping doesn't kill speakers" is a half-truth at best. Technically no, clipping itself does not hurt the speaker. But in clipping your amp, you can easily create a situation that WILL kill the speaker. Was the squared waveform the DIRECT cause of the failure? No. In the end, the answer is, always has been, and can only be... heat kills speakers. BUT, clipping increases heat generation, sometimes by a drastic amount. So to start a thread simply to state that clipping does not hurt speakers is, again, a half-truth at best.

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    Re: Anyone recognize the brand of this?


    Quote Originally Posted by RyanM923 View Post
    Damn, look at that midget *** me a midget ***. 3 foot 4 standing up, 3 foot 6 sitting down.
    Quote Originally Posted by michaellane View Post
    don dont come in here ruining my thread. i hate you and jose
    Got Mad Feedback Son

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