Hi all,

Another question as I am new to this stuff. I just installed my components on front end and re-adjusted gains by ear on my 50x4 RF. Couple questions, first, I adjusted the gains by ear so everthing sounds good an clear from HU all the way to almost max. on HU. Now I have a front aux. jack on the HU to plug in ipod. when playing through ipod it sounds great however, when the volume is all the way up on the IPod it plays a lot louder through the system than even cd's and will cause distortion. Why is this, does it mean the Ipod puts out a lot stronger signal than the HU? Just curious. I'll have to only set the volume halfway on the pod. Also, the front speakers I have are Infinity reference 6030cs. They are rated at 2-90WRMS. My amp is and RF 50x4 @ 4ohms or 75 watt @2ohms. Now the speakers specs say they are true 4 ohm technology taking into account for the wiring and everything else so they can be run off any ead unit or amp, however the total impedence spec. says they are 2 ohm. Kind of confusing so I will take an ohmmeter and verify. Anyways, I have heard it is best to match the power of the speaker close to the power of the amp so I am assuming if they are a 2 ohm load they are going to see 75rms from the amp instead of 50watts. So this should help right? Thanks