i dont know if the problem is the amp or the woofer. i hav a pioneer gm500t a boss cap10 and a Kenwood KFC-XW12. but the kenwood isnt the problem. i had the amp connected to a BOSS P126DVC 12" 2300W PHANTOM.

could i be asking for too much from the amp with the boss sub?

i had the boss sub hooked up and all day it was fine. it hits hard with no distortion. when i was driving home my bass just stopped. when i went back to check, the light on my amp was blinking. when i looked closer it was going out when the bass of the song hit and coming back right after.

i got home and took out that sub and switched it with the kenwood. no problems at all.

this had happened 2 nights before too and i did the exact same thing only after putting in the kenwood i had switched it back out to the boss and it was fine again until tonight.

the rms for the kenwood is 400 which matches the amp but the rms for the boss sub is 1150. i didtn think that underpowering would be a problem.

i read that a amp would kick out if the ground wasnt secure but why would it kick out for the kenwood and not the boss. also if the boss had blown out 2 nights before would it have still been able to sound exactly the same as it did before?

how do i test this to see which one of my devices is the problem?

my cap is reading between 14 and 12 depending on the song playing