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Reload Thread: Will this blow my mids??

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    Will this blow my mids??

    im considering buying a 1200 watt 4 channel amp its rms at 4 ohms is 110 x 4. the problem is that two of the mid speakers that i already have are 4 ohm with 70watts max and 35rms. so im guessing that with this amount of power (110) going to the speakers (70/35) would damage them. is there something i can buy to limit the power going from one channel to a speaker or is there some other solution?

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    Re: Will this blow my mids??

    You might be alright with setting the gain just above 0,like 1-3, and be just fine..Other than that, you may want to invest into some better rms rated speakers,but 110 rms@4ohms, is generally @maxed Gain, and @14.4 v most likely, and Im not 100% that you are maintaining that 14.4v constant,unless you are running an HO alt, and a pair of good AGM batts,with the Big 3 done,,If not..if using Stock may be at/around 13.6v..But, I think you will be fine, as long as you start @0 gain, and work your way up easily.setting them.Head room is always a plus, and generally sounds much more crisp/clean.

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    Re: Will this blow my mids??

    What amp and what speakers?

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    Re: Will this blow my mids??

    what amp, are you considering on buying? this might shed some light if you are really getting the wattage you think you will be getting

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