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Reload Thread: Thoughts on Cadence DCA-2500.1?

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    Thoughts on Cadence DCA-2500.1?

    I bought a Cadence DCA-2500.1 before my deployment...only had it hooked up for a few days before I left. I'm running it on a Cadence Daytona 12 D2 at about 1500x1 (tuned with a DMM). I just wanted to get some opinions of the amp from others as I haven't really had the time to listen to it. There aren't many threads on the web with user reviews or anything. Any comments would be appreciated!

    2009 Toyota Camry
    Head Unit: JVC KW-R900BT
    Front Stage: Silver Flute 6.5s in doors, Dynaudio MD 102s in dash, PPI 356cs crossovers
    Rear Fill: MB Quart Discus (German) 6x9s
    Sub: Cadence Daytona 12 D2 in 2.5 ft3 @ 36Hz
    Mids/Highs Amplifier: Cadence TXA6004
    Sub Amplifier: JBL GTO24001
    Wiring: Monster 400 series 1/0 gauge, Big 3 w/ 2/0 gauge flexaprene, Mechman 240-amp
    Sound Deadening: 50 sqft Rattle Trap (trunk, front doors, rear dash)

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    Re: Thoughts on Cadence DCA-2500.1?

    ive never heard of it

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    Re: Thoughts on Cadence DCA-2500.1?

    Depending on the year, older models were really decent and did more than rated but the newer ones don't. Or may just do rated.. Someone here just recently did a bench test on a cadence amp. Was fairly recent too so should be able to find the thread and read it.

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