I am a lucky guy who was able to get his hands on a PPI POWERCLASS PC650 in grey. I currently have it in my ride driving my alpine and kicker speakers. I have a seperate amp driving my boston acoustic g3 10" sub. I have one channel that is not working on this rare amp and am looking to get it repaired locally. I am not willing to mail it out. I am located in NY and wondering if anyone is capable or can advise me ways to possibly fix it myself. The factory seal is still on the amp and it has never been opened. I am not getting a reading on the channel thats not working at all from the meter. I don't know much about amps but I am tech savvy and build pc's and do alot of electrical and soldering work so I think I can manage. Could it be a capacitator that went out? Does anyone have experience with these amps or could possibly point me in the right direction as far as how much a repair would go for and who I can speak to in the NYC area about getting it fixed? I really want to add 2 more speaks in my ride and I need that channel. The mono channel doesn't really do me much good at this point. Thanks in advance