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    Amp setup help

    2009 hyundai sonata limited:

    I have stock head unit but upgraded front and rear doors with kicker separates although have stock sub still in rear deck. I'm adding a audio control dqxs to add multiple amps:

    1. Thinking of using separate amp for 4 highs and another for 4 mids. Better to setup that way or use one amp for front speakers and one for rear?

    2. Curious which amps would be ideal: 2 autotek 44w mean machines? 2 orion 225 hcca's?

    3. I also have a 1.5f cap but not sure if I should use?

    4. Upgrade stock 8" sub to better one or do a single ten in box in trunk?

    5. Does using a mix or orion and autotek matter?


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    Re: Amp setup help

    Ditch the cap, I would put one 2-channel on the front tweets, one on front mids, power the rear speakers from the HU, and get a new sub/enclosure for the trunk rather than recycle the stock (it's being choked for airspace).

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    Oh and matching brands is not required. Experiment and use what you like best

    Deck: JVC KD-A95BT
    Speakers: PHD FB mid, JBL MS tweets
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    Re: Amp setup help

    Or you could get one 4 channel for the front mids and highs.

    Quote Originally Posted by ducatipaso View Post
    15inch subs can't play fast beats, they take more power and that taxes the vehicles electrical system. You will wake up and "hear" then see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be 3 10's pounding so hard you wont even open your trunk or turn your system on because you 15's will sound sloppy & weak.
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    Re: Amp setup help

    orions would not be good sce you want to run a low imp on them

    always been partial to eclipse

    Eclipse 3241 2 3 4 Channel Amplifier Gorgeous Made in USA Quality | eBay
    Eclipse XA2000 Car Amplifier 873549004156 | eBay

    Xtant 404M 4 Channel Amplifier | eBay
    xtant if room is not a problem, amazing sq but they are long

    US Acoustics Car Amp USA 4080 80x4 Watts Made in The USA | eBay
    Super RARE Old School ZED Crunch Amp | eBay
    my fav zed made amps

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    get a single 10 def

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