Hi Everyone,

I have a Kenwood Excelon x700-5 amplifier, that is currently powering component speakers up front. I'm looking to buy a sub, and am a little confused about my amps specs. On the Kenwood site, it says that it can deliver 300 W x 1 at 4 ohms to a sub, and says nothing about what it delivers to a 2 ohm sub. But all of the sites that sell Kenwood products, such as Crutchfield, specifically say it can deliver 500 W x 1 at 2 ohms to a sub. This is what I need, but I am wondering why Kenwood wouldn't list the 2 ohm option on its site. Is it not recommended to power 2 ohm subs?

I'm looking at a JL Audio CS112RG-W3v3, which is 2 ohms and needs 200-500 W of power. Will this be completely compatible no problems?