I recently got a soundstream tarantula. I want to power a pair of 13w7s or 12w7s on this amp, but the impedance of these subs are _so_ weird. it is 1.2045ohm DVC sub for the 13w7 and for the 12w7 the voice coil is 2.471 ohms.

so, I can get a 4.8 or 4.9 mono load on my sound stream tarantula. The way I figure it, if it's linear and according to the equations, the amp should put out 1000w at 8ohms, and 2000w at 4ohm (both RMS), so, for each ohm difference, upward, I'll lose about 250w of power.

I'll be getting 1750 watts of power RMS if I have a 5ohm load?

875w RMS of clean power per sub, not bad.

The RUBI technology on these amps is so weird, I'm not sure _what_ it will do at higher than 4ohms, and the tech support guy at sound stream wasn't much help. The amp will put out 2000w RMS at 4ohms or 2000w RMS at 2ohms. WTF I wonder if it scales up to something weird like providing almost full power at 8ohms or something like that....

Also, I want to know how tight/hard hitting the w7 series JL audio subs are. I want first hand witnesses only, no need to tell me you can infer this and that about tech specs. I swear to god, SPL 12s look like crap on paper, but those were some of the best god dang subs I've ever owned. They were so smooth, low, loud and tight hitting...

I want SPL, but a combination of SPL and sound Q. I'm looking to hit mid 140s db, and still have as tight clean and low bass as one can realistically expect. I'm _very_ hopefull about the JL audio w7 series, but I've not actually heard them for myself.

If any of you has heard the JL audio 10w7 12w7 or 13w7 and hear other subs in a sealed box... I want to know if you have heard something that hits tighter(like really tight) and have almost, or more SPL capability for the same amount of wattage. I will not consider ported enclosure, I hate them. Also, please say if you've seen them in a properly made enclosure that is well constructed, properly sealed and properly sized (net volumes, not gross) =)

well, thanks for your help.