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Reload Thread: Phoenix Gold Z Series - not available in the USA - any info? Z500.1 monoblock amp?

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    Phoenix Gold Z Series - not available in the USA - any info? Z500.1 monoblock amp?

    Does anyone have any information on the Phoenix Gold Z Series, specifically the Z500.1?

    Apparently these aren't available for sale in the USA, but they are available here in Canada.

    Any reviews? Do they do the rated power?

    Z500.1 - 500 Watt Mono amplifier - Phoenix Gold

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    Re: Phoenix Gold Z Series - not available in the USA - any info? Z500.1 monoblock amp

    there has to be some reason it is not available here. what kind of price/warrenty? it, of caurse, does not sport a cea2006, or list the circuitry category. however, it does give clue that it has bjt outputs and 50% efficiency, ran from an unregulated power supply, and smd. i would have to say it is probably a budget a/b amp. as far as i know, all pg have had much more tech put into them, and at least tripple darlington outputs since the 90's. likely does not do rated rms @ 50%efficiency, unless that is some sort of average rating, and efficiency is higher at higher levels.

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