A friend of mine was cleaning his garage and stumbled across a PG 5.0:4 and is willing to offer it up as a freebie since he has no use for it. The dilemma I'm facing, though, is that I'll be setting up a front stage only (running on passives) with a ID10 d4.

Since the 5.0:4 is only stable to 4 ohms bridged, I could run one of two potential situations:
1. Wire the sub to 2 ohms and run off 1 channel (would be getting 75W by the spec sheet)
2. Wire the sub to 8 ohms and run bridged off the rear channels (would be getting ???W...not rated in the manual but 4ohms is 150W).

Question is are either of these two configs even worth trying out or should I just consider keeping my eyes open for a separate sub amp? My budget sucks and I might even have to wait a while for a wiring kit with the holiday shopping season coming up.

I'm an SQ guy so I don't need a crazy amount of power, but it seems that 75 watts is in NO WAY going to power an ID10 well (or safely, for that matter). Any advice would be greatly appreciated (especially other SQ guys who are used to working with 8 ohms).