So I have a 09 Xb , been playing with the stereos for almost 20 years, and here are my components, Premier AVIC F90bt HU, Morel Maximo 6.5 components in front doors, relocated factory pioneer front woofers 6.5 in rear doors and working on a custom box for a DC audio Lvl2 10 inch dual 2ohm woofer. I currently own three amps, not all wired in yet. Sony Xm2540 4 channel amp,(around 18 years old) Sony XMGTR2002(free and around 3 years old), and a Hifonics VIII cyclops(also around 16-18 years old).
One idea is to keep my old amps, and run the fronts with the Xm2540 bridged and would be around 50 watts per channel, then run the rear doors off the Cyclops, and of course run the Sub off the XM GTR. I had been in the market for a decent 5 channel amp. Two of my top choices where a Boston Acoustics GTA 1105, or a Cadence ZRS-C8. But I am not sure about the Cadence cause I keep seeing mixed reviews. And all my searches I have seen other options for 5 channel amps, but I kind want to stay between, $300- $350 for my budget. And the amp if I buy a new one has to fit under the front seat.
I am a Sq /Spl fanatic, I listen to everything from Classic 80's new wave, to 90's R&B / hip hop, All types of Metal, and some trance/ techno/ electronic/ dubstep, and grunge music. I of course would like my vehicle to sound like I am listening to my music through a decent pair of cans/earphones. I'd like to hear some of your opinions and comments and arguments for my system and listening tastes.