Im thinking of buying my friends RE 35.1 and tonight i hooked it up to my car and when i would wire it up on just the left side the protection light would go on and the power would blink. If i took out The Positive wire, Negative still connected, while the amp was on the protection light would go off, however if i connected the pos wire with it on the wire would spark and it popped my speaker and it would go back in protection. Also it Made A weird humming.
Maybe it was just how this amp is, i dont Know.. i k ow The guy who originally owned it And it worked when My friend First had It, However he Had Some ******* hook the amp up and now this happena.. this is a black unmarked one as well, one of the first few made..

And im pretty sure it blewthe speaker...poor little mach5 ( i had no other speakers to use) was blown im pretty sure..smelled like burnt metal near the speaker.