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Reload Thread: Stetsoms do rated?

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    Re: Stetsoms do rated?

    crescendo 5500d?!

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    Re: Stetsoms do rated?

    Quote Originally Posted by denim View Post
    We have had a few customers amps, who had them installed correctly/professionally, go poof and Stetsom was not very helpful on the warranty process.
    I thought Stetsom's warranty was only 90 days or something crazy low like that due to the fact that they are "competition" amplifiers. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about that one.

    The reason I didn't like my V1k5h was due to the loud @ss fan and the fact that the voltage overprotect kicked in at 14.6 to 14.8 volts. That didn't bode too well with an alternator that was purpose built to idle at 14.5 volts since the amp was always going into over voltage protect. Stetsom's tech support was less than helpful when I pointed out that the manual stated the amplifier could handle up to 16 volts. Their response looked like it was typed through an English translator... It was something along the lines of "our amps design for 13.8 volts max"

    Yeah... well... don't print 16 volts in the manual then.

    EDIT: Just in case someone ask for pics or it didn't happen:

    I used to swear by old school car audio gear, now I swear at it!

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    Re: Stetsoms do rated?

    What I am referring to is in regards to non-competition model amplifiers. The couple of people that had their Vulcan series amps go up, they just sent them to an amplifier repair shop. mod(original)

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