Let me thank you advance for your help.

Here's the deal...I know next to nothing about Audio stuff but one night I was drinking and bought a couple things on Ebay.

I bought this Sub Box:

I figured this would be a good one because it got some good reviews.
The Subs are DVC.

and this Amp:

This Amp also got some good reviews and I had guessed a 4 channel Amp would work best with DVC Subs (2 channels into each)

Anyways...I take these to Curcuit City to be installed and the guy in the audio section told me I wasted my money...
He said that the Amp would fry up on the first really warm day of the year and the 4 channels were a waste because I would not be able to deliver all the power to the subs and if I tried...the Amp would burn up!

What gives?!!! Is this true?

Thanks in Advance,