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Reload Thread: Amp making noise.

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    Re: Amp making noise.

    sanded strut tower where I have the ground mounted. Power and ground are ran on the driver side rcas ran under the center console. The rca's have the remote turn on wire built in the speaker wire and or rcas have no choice to but to be ran near the remote wire the remote turn on is between the + and - speaker term. the rcas are right above them on the same side.

    The amp makes noise with the sub hooked up and rcas unhooked or the sub unhooked and the rcas hooked up. With them both unhooked it does nothing but click when the power comes on.

    There is no alt noise while the car is running.

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    Re: Amp making noise.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
    It's blown. Replace it with a Skar Audio amplifier.
    Hah, gave me a good laugh.

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