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Reload Thread: My SK-1500.1 is junk

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    Re: My SK-1500.1 is junk

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeK View Post
    What was your bass/gain settings on the unit? I have accubass turned off and the gain about 10oclock
    How did you set the gain? O-scope? DMM?

    In the process of being installed:
    (2) DC-Level 3's
    Kicker ZX2500.1
    (2) Kinetik 2400
    Optima YT under the hood
    240amp Mechman alt
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    2008 Volkswagen Jetta S

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    Re: My SK-1500.1 is junk

    When you had it repaired... did he replace the "magic smoke" that escapes?... I had an amp that ran out of smoke... acted real strange...
    Look in the blinker fluid reservoir and check the magic smoke level...

    2001 DB drag world finals S3-4
    155.xx it was pretty loud for back in the day!

    Originally Posted by big@b
    Because Kicker kx's are rated a rms. rms and watts are not the same. So kicker kx2500.1 is x 2 = 5000.

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    Re: My SK-1500.1 is junk

    The amp is apparantly fine now, i dont want to rip Skars name anymore so im hoping maybe a mod could delete or close the thread. Perhaps ill invest in another 1500 to strap once i do electrical updates

    ** NEW VEHICLE AND BUILD ** 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport
    2x SPLAudio DAD BD 12s
    2x SK-1500.1s
    Box 5 cubes @ 29hz
    XS Power D3100 & D2400
    Tenney 270A
    4x PowerBass 3xl 6.5s
    Clarion CZ702

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    Re: My SK-1500.1 is junk

    I'm adding this to my list of favorites.

    Quote Originally Posted by ducatipaso View Post
    15inch subs can't play fast beats, they take more power and that taxes the vehicles electrical system. You will wake up and "hear" then see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be 3 10's pounding so hard you wont even open your trunk or turn your system on because you 15's will sound sloppy & weak.
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    stfu lesbo.why are you worried about me so much? you must want to date me ya little cookie monster but i dont even like sweets. your just a cup full of ice, dirt dead nasty azz ice...without the water.

    Dat Build Log:

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