Simple question,
I recently bought 4 Hifonics Zeus ZXI6.5C 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component Speaker, and I need an amp to match them. They say they are 100 rms each, regardless if this is true or not, I was wondering if this power acoustik will deliver at least 100x4 rms for my components:

Power Acoustik CPT4-1700 ( 2x30A fuse ) 150x4 rms at 4 ohms(so they say) $100

I looked at this amp:

Hifonics ZRX1000.4 (2x30A fuse) 125x4 rms at 4 RMS at 4 ohms ($140)

and assumed that the power acoustik will deliver 100rms since it has the same fuse rating.
Also I have an Insignia 2 channel Amp for my subs which states that it produces 200x2 rms at 4 ohms, and it has 2x30 fuse.

I would like to know if my assumptions for the power acoustik are correct and that they will produce at least 100x4 rms.

I based my self on the (fuse rating)*6 = rough estimate of rms