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Reload Thread: Amplifier Advice

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    Re: Amplifier Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Bcmonks View Post
    I still don't understand how 400W can power 2 subs and 4 speakers, can someone enlighten me?
    you cannot, you need 2 amps 4 channel amp for your 4 speakers and a sub amp class d mono for your subs

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    Re: Amplifier Advice

    a good system starts with a good deck get rid of that boss get you a decent pioneer kenwood or alpine

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    Re: Amplifier Advice

    Since everyone keeps telling me to replace all my stuff, I've picked some new speakers, but I have no idea what to look for when it comes to head units, so if you have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated (prefer blue colored). These for the front and these for the back. I wish I could open the front speaker holes up a bit more, but I would have to cut into my leather trim to make that happen.

    EDIT: What about this one?
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