Im pretty new to knowing things about systems, i love them, and would love to learn a lot more about them. I currently have 2 Kicker comp 12' in the back of my acura integra, i started out noob with a wal mart dual 400 watt amp, and a pioneer 12 for like, $140. Now i'd like something with a lot more kick. I'm keeping my 12" kicker comps, but I need help with an amp. Because i'm currently pushing 2 12" kickers with a Wal Mart 400 watt amp, lol.

The subs are something like 300 Rms X 1 and 150 Rms x 2. Basically this is my problem, im looking at a Kicker 2010 zx 500.1 Mono amp for around $200. Which puts me at 250 Rms x 2 500 rms x 1. But, theres also a zx 300.1 being 300 rms x 1 150 rms x 2. IF I were to get the 500, I would have a little bit of room for more wattage if necessary, but I feel like if I get the 300 watt one, i would be pushing that amp to its max and could end up frying the amp.

I appreciate the help!

Edit: Also take note that i listen to A LOT of dubstep and love my music being loud, ALL the time. None of that half volume junk :P