I have a Rockford Fosgate P500-2. I took my sub out to move some stuff and tied the ends of the wire's so they wouldn't touch each other. I put my sub back in and it doesn't work. Let me save you time and say I assure you it's the amp and nothing to do with incorrect wiring. The power comes on like it should work but nothing. I have the separate volume controller but when it is plugged in the LED doesn't light up. No protection light is thrown. It looks like it should be working minus the Volume Controller LED but nothing comes out.

I pulled it apart and nothing is obviously blown or anything. It looks perfect. There are 4 capacitors that the backs look slightly bowed and are the black plasticy looking ones rather than the metal with the 'X'. But I don't think they are blown and if they were I doubt I would have power.

So this is the puzzle. Can anyone help me diagnose this? I can post pictures or whatever if need be if someone things this beast can be brought back to life. Thanks!