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Reload Thread: AP 3002, stable at 2ohm bridged?

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    AP 3002, stable at 2ohm bridged?

    I am setting up temporarily for the time being and would like the 3002 for the future for components. However My current sub is D4ohm so it would be wired down to 2ohm as I don't think it would supply enough power @ 8ohm.

    Will this amp do okay bridged on a 2ohm load?

    Thanks guys, sorry if this has been asked before I tried searching but found nothing.

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    Re: AP 3002, stable at 2ohm bridged?

    do and if it goes into protect then undo it. lol.

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    Re: AP 3002, stable at 2ohm bridged?

    its not rated to but will

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    Re: AP 3002, stable at 2ohm bridged?

    i got one ive fixed like 6 times it cant put out alot of power its a a/b amp.

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