Hi folks.
I have an older F-350 four door truck that I just put a cheap 7" DVD XO Vision unit in. I have some audio stuff from my storage building and would like to put a little 'punch' in my tunes.
The stereo puts out (supposedly) 85W X 4. I disagree, and would like a little more volume before the stock speakers start to distort - likely due to overpowering the head unit.

I have a (too big) ported / vented 2 x 12 box and a 'behind the truck seat' 2 x 12" wedge box that would fit the truck perfectly but has less room inside.
The amps I have are a Lanzar Optidrive plus 100, a Majestic MA9400SW (200X2) and a LA sound Redondo 80. I believe the Lanzar and LA sound are 4 channel amps, while the Majestic is a 2 channel (I had it bridged and running the 2 12's last time I used it).

Given the stuff I have on hand, what would you use in the truck? I'm not against upgrading the stock truck speakers (or the cheap 'Depth Charge' 12's I have) but I want to get something going to start the upgrade juices running first!

I appreciate any help I can get.... Thanks!