I'm terrible at car audio. Anyway it was hooked up before to this sub... then one of the transitors or w/e blew and I send the amp to audioque. They sent me the fixed amp back. I hook everything up and now it's going into power mode but my sub isn't playing. I have 1 SSA Icon 15. Ground goes to ground, a little grey wire in the middle, and the red power wire in the 12v place. Then I have my plus and minus plugged in. I have 2 minus 2 plus on the amp, and but only 1 of each of those plus and minus are plugged in. And then on the other side of the amp I have to pieces that plug in. I tried flipping them and my sub still didn't play. And that's it. I also have a switch on my amp and I flicked that left and right, nothing.

Any ideas? I'ma try taking everything out from my amp and putting it back in to see if anything happens. Why isn't my sub playing?

EDIT: It's a new SSA Icon 15.