I have CDT HD 642's.•Power handling: 250 watt RMS @ High-pass 100Hz. I have a 4 channel avionixx amp bridged to 220rms/channel that tried setting with a DDM. It was coming up with super low voltages (set at 7 shutting off at 10V but should have been set closer to 29) and shutting off (clipping protection). My sub amp set fine. My voltage was holding solid at 13.8.

I have a MB Quart Discus 2150 that does 150 @ 4ohms. I hear that my speakers are power hungry and want rated for more. Do ya think that the Discus2150 would work? Any ideas on a budget amp? 2 channel or bridge a 4 channel? From what I have seen a bridged 4 channel would be cheaper. I am open to refurb or used. I would perfer a quality used than a rubish new one. I saw a Discus 4125 in the classifieds but would bridging it to 500w would be a little much for mids