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Reload Thread: Hifonics remote bass control question.

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    Hifonics remote bass control question.

    Ok, after reading a few posts, I think some people (myself included) are a little confused as to what this does exactly. I think the wording in the manual makes it confusing, along with the fact that both the remote bass control and the bass boost on the amp itself is set from 0db-18db, which leads people to think they are controlling the same thing. If I'm wrong, please correct me. From what I can tell, the bass boost is just that. It boosts the bass at a certain frequency (best to just leave it at 0db). The remote bass control on the other hand alters the gain setting. AND, it doesn't actually boost or raise anything. Instead, at its max setting of 18db, it doesn't alter anything, and as you dial it down to 0db, it lowers the gain setting. Is this correct? I'm assuming this, because if you plug in the controller with it set at 18db, there's no difference compared to having it unplugged. Did this make any sense? If anyone knows more, please correct me. Thanks!

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    Re: Hifonics remote bass control question.

    Notice: If you plug in the controller at 18db, AND the amp is set to 0db, there WILL NOT be a difference.

    However, set your amp to 18db, and now plug your controller in, there will be a huge difference.

    I would NOT recommend plugging it in at 18db with your amp set to 18db.

    The controller will only really boost the bass when the amp itself is set to something other than 0db. Otherwise having the controller set to 18 and the amp set to 0 is a zero bass boost.. and then turning the controller down is just adjusting from 0 down to -18db bass "boost".

    Hope that helped.


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