Hey guys, I just wanted to see what other people have done in this situation before I go about taking my amp apart.

I have a Hertz HP2.

Well, one day (Today) it stopped bumping so I started poking around at wires with the DMM and found that it was my speaker wires.

Well, it's a 2 channel amp and i tested both channels and they worked fine, but when i Bridge it it doesn't work.

Well, I bridged it the other way and it works. (Just using the other positive and negative output from each channel.) However, this is using the other terminals and not the terminals that the amp labelled specifically to use for bridging. Is this safe? Why is my amp running this way?

Pictoral example. (this is almost exactly what my amps says) The * Represent speaker hookup.

Ch.1 Ch. 2
+* - -* + (Does not work)
Mono (amp label)

Ch. 1 Ch . 2
+* -* -* +* (Both work completely fine)

Ch. 1. Ch. 2.
+ - * - +* (Bridged like this it works, but is not how the amp is labelled)

|_______| can also feel a noticeable power difference thatn just using single channe

WTF? it doesn't seem to be the terminal.

Is there a special thing inside the amp that makes it only stable bridged at the certain channel? could it bet hat that certain something is burnt out?

Is it safe to run my amp bridged the other way?

Any help would be greatly apprciated thanks.