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    PPI amps

    Well, I'm trying to finalize my system, here's what I've got so far:

    RFX 8250 TI
    RS Tec 165 Components
    Zapco Reference 360 bridged running front stage
    Ixos wires
    Magnum D2 12 in 2 cube 29 hz ported box
    Hopefully within the next day I'll be running full balanced for front stage.
    Kenwood KAC-929 amp for the sub

    I don't want to say anything bad about the kenwood because it's been super reliable, I just want a little more power and I was thinking the ppi a600 would fit the bill. I don't know hardly anything about the PPI amps, though so I was hoping to get some recommendations.

    I've heard the newer amps aren't very reliable. What model numbers should I stay away from? What model numbers should I look for? Does PPI have a website? Would I be better off buying a used older version or a brand new one? If new do I have to buy from an authorized dealer (as far as I know there aren't any in my area) or are there any reliable online sites that have them? Thank you very much!


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    Re: PPI amps

    as far as PPI goes, and I have had alot of them. Anything from the original Power Class series(dark black/charqoal color) and earlier are excellant pieces of equipment. The art series are fantastic, and the sedona series(ancient) are great also. as far as sub amps go with PPI you are on the right track by looking for a A600, that is one of the pro art series. Also if you are looking for around 600 watts rms the PC2150 is an excellant amp, I have been running mine since about 4 months after it hit the market and it is still running strong with no problems. I have also used some art series amps and sedona series amps. Just whatever you do don't get any PPI amps from the silver/chrome series and newer. They got bought out and the quality of amp went down considerably. For instance the dampering went down from >500 to about 50+.

    06 Acura TL, HU: Factory, Processor: RF 3sixty.2, Tweeters: Seas Neo Aluminum, Mids: Seas W16nx, Amp: JL HD900/5, Subs: Soon to be SI BM MKIVs when available.

    WTB: SI BM MKIIIs!!!!

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