I recently got a Fosgate Power amp (1001BD) at 1000 watts RMS pushing 3 12" hx2 subs. I know i'm underpowering the subs but that was all I could afford, so the question is, How do I tune the amp to get the most of power out of it without distortion??

Rockford support referred me to a local dealer to have them check it with an osciloscope... but it would cost me.

And tuning it the "old fashion" way, by turning the gain down, then the volume almost all the way, then increasing the gain, is quite difficult since the amp is right infront of the 3 subs. I don't want to go deaf!

Also, any ideas if fosgate amps distort if you turn the gain more than 2/3rds of the way up???

Thanks for your help!!!!