RMS Power Rating:
4 ohms: 1700 watts x 1 chan.
2 ohms: 2500 watts x 1 chan.
1 ohm: 3200 watts x 1 chan.

SSL EV5000
1 ohm 5000w x 1 Max power
2 ohm 3500w x 1 Max power,
4 ohm 1800w x 1 RMS power
2 ohm 2500w x 1 RMS

The ssl claims to be 1 ohm stable but i had it on 4 alpine type r 12's at 1 ohm with the gain at 3/4 and it fried it 2 days... i just bout the grla 5500 and its in the mail. from all the research i've done i believe it should put out closer to the amount of power i need (4x600W rms = 2400w) think the grla5500 can do the job? or will it just fry like the ssl?