I'm gonna try to include all details in this. So excuse me if its long.

I bought a 1200w (forgot the brand, don't think it matters) and a 15" competition visonik sub from my friend who had it all working in his car.

I just installed the sub and amp this week. The problem is.....

I turn the deck on, amp powers up, makes the initial bump powering on noise, but does not bump as loud as it should. I can barely hear the bass at all. Now if I turn the deck volume up and turn the remote control bass up (thats coming from the amp) It sounds a LITTLE bit more normal, but thats at FULL volume (which isn't even a quarter of its potential). Now the weird part is, randomly at beats in the music the sub will go wacky and will go full throttle and almost blow my eardrums out, its a loud, long bass noise that wont stop (and obviously isnt beating to the music) I brought it to a local car-audio shop and he told me to look at the grounds. I switched the location of the ground for the amp (btw this is all 4g wire for the power and ground) which made no difference. I then took the ground off of the wire harness of the deck and directly connected it to the frame. Still no change.

What I have troubleshoot so far.

- Amp: Amp has been hooked up at the car-audio shop and tested good with a bass box.

- RCA Cables: Switched RCA cables with the same results.

- The sub has been working in my friends car

- Deck: Pioneer 2500, has been working in 2 different cars (but not this one) with a different amp and sub.

I am dumbfounded and I dont want to spend hundred's of $$$ for a professional to spend time figuring it out for me.

Also - I know this shouldn't work - But ill add this piece of info if it helps at all. I unhooked the ground from the deck all together and turned it on. I get a bump every 5 secs or so, the bass is a little bit louder, BUT still goes wacky on the beats at random.

My recreation of the sound in letters " BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

LoL... Hopefully I didn't miss anything. If anyone knows how to fix this, or what to try, PLEASE email me..

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