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Reload Thread: Would the high low i used cause the amp to heat up?

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    Would the high low i used cause the amp to heat up?

    I have a question, iv tripple checked ALL my wires. Onlything i can think of is this..

    Is it possible for my high low to cause my amp to heat up?

    subs [email protected]
    Amps [email protected]

    But it will be cool then out of nowhere it will get SUPER hot and the volume will just drop on it.
    Went to the shop and had them even tune it /w the amp/deck and it was running just fine and then randomly as i was driving the bass went WAY down. Went back and they said it could possibly be the high low i used. I bought it at frys so i didnt think it woul be a generic version since its the one they use.

    Also please note this isnt the first amp iv tried. Also had the Crunch 1000.2//alpine MRP-500M// and now audiofonic 2844

    tried 2 different subs.

    also maybe something is different installing into the new ford focus im not noticing? its not built in amp. iv checked that.

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    Re: Would the high low i used cause the amp to heat up?

    well, if the loc is shorting with vibration, then sending a super-clipped signal, then maybe.... they [i]do[i/] go bad.... my buddy originally got a 4ch loc, and just switchex channels when it went out a year later, lol....

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