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Reload Thread: is this a fairly high quality setup? how is the soundstream lil wonder?

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    is this a fairly high quality setup? how is the soundstream lil wonder?

    Hey, I am just piecing together my car sound system and am fairly new to car audio. I have done alot of reading and searching, but there are a few questions I still have.

    Im going for a SQ setup, making a compromise between clarity and cost. I do not want a competition grade system, but I do want to be as much of an audiophile as I can without making a huge investment. I initially got a good deal on a full rockford fosgate setup, but it didnt fit well in my car and I had heard RF is fairly middle of the road in terms of SQ. I know the smart answer would be to listen before you buy, but Im just trying to narrow things down and look for deals.

    What I came up with so far are
    MB Quart DSD 216 Components - 6.5"
    MB Quart DKD 113 Coaxials - 5.25"
    2 JL 10w3v2-d2

    I think Im going to keep 1 of the JL's because Im not going for SPL and Im told 1 will deliver more than enough for every day listening (I do like my music loud, but not insane)

    Now I came across what seems to be a good price on a SoundStream Rubicon Amazing Lil Wonder 4. It is supposed to deliver 4x 48watts rms @ 4 ohms. Does anyone have an opinion on using that amp to power the MB Quarts? I have read that soundstream made some very good quality amps and are a great match with MBs.

    I am aware that underpowering speakers is not good for them, but with the DSD 216 being rated at 50 watt rms, and the amp delivering 48 watt rms, is that going to be ok? I was told its best to give them more than enough power, but I dont know where to draw the line.

    As for the JL, I havent found an amp to power that yet. I dont know what makes a good SQ sub amp, so if anyone can recommend brands/makes/classes that would be suitable based on that info, that would be appreciated. What are a few brands that I should keep an eye open for?

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    Re: is this a fairly high quality setup? how is the soundstream lil wonder?

    Sound to me like you pretty much know what your doing. SQ is all about what sound good to you. MB Quartz are excellent quality speakers and will provide you with nice crisp musical highs.

    A watt is a watt -- taking that into account the Soundstream is an excellent build quality amp. They are very reliable. It will easily provide enough power for your front stage. Dont worry about underpowering. If it were true then we would be messing up our speakers everytime we lower the volume. Distortion is what hurts speakers.

    The w3 is alright. Personally I would look for an Image Dynamics or Crystal sub but thats just me. For a good realiable amp I would consider a JBL 600. It may not be considered in the same quality league as Soundstream, but it will get the job done.

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