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Reload Thread: 130 amp alternator, my next amp?

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    130 amp alternator, my next amp?

    I currently have a 400W Rockford Amp powering my 4 door speakers and a 400W MTX powering my two cheap Rockford subs. I plan to upgrade the subs in the next two weeks along with the amp to power them.

    I checked my alternator (04 4Runner) and it is rated at 130 amps. If I keep the Rockford 400W powering my 4 door speakers, how large an amp can I get without worrying about needing to replace the battery or alternator. I figured I should, however, upgrade the electrical wiring.

    I was thinking I could safely add 1000W or maybe 1200W but I am not sure. That will be a factor into which subs I decide to go with. I was thinking of getting (2) Rockford Punch HX2 or the RE HC's. But the HC's require a hell of alot of power.

    Would I be able to run 1200 safely and would it be enough to power those beasts?

    I am on a bit of a budget and am planning on $250-$300 for subs and another $300 for an amp.

    I think I will also need to get a cap, some more 0 or 4 guage wiring and an upgraded fuse holder.

    I am very interested in hearing some suggestions about what my system will be able to handle and some model recommendations as well.

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    It just depends

    Well first off don't waste the money on a cap as you won't need one. It just depends on what kind of amps and what class they are as to how much power it will draw. I have a 100A stock alternator with about 80A worth of fuses on my two amps and it doesn't drain at all. I would definately look into class D amps as they draw less and are much more efficient. US Acoustics sells a 800D and 1000D series that i think would fit your needs. You can check them out on You could add another 1000W on there as long as you dont use a high current amp.

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    Re: 130 amp alternator, my next amp?

    I think 1200 would be a safe guess. It's entirely possible though, that you could add another 1800 or 2k before you exceed the capability of your alt. with daily listening.

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    Re: 130 amp alternator, my next amp?

    I Got 130/140 I Forget.. I'm Running Bx1500d And Bx6400 And 2 Caps

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