The AP amps rock. Easily the best amps for the money. Nowhere else are you going to find that sort of watt/dollar ratio. I had a single 3k on 2 Ascendant Chaos 18s in a blowthrough and it was touching 150 sealed up at 37hz with the single amp on 2 batteries, and it wouldnt even drop below 13v. There are a ton of cars around here in FL that use AP that do great numbers. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing it again and again, and not seeing a single person have a problem with them, then buying one myself, I was sold. I have owned a ton of other much more expensive amps, but this one does a ton of power and stays literally cold to the touch. Also on FLSPL recently there was a thread where a guy brought up efficiency. He did a drop in test between an Incriminator 20.1 and a pair of AP1500s strapped @ 2ohm. He said the APs were louder, which was expected, but they were also a whole lot easier on his electrical. Ive seen the same. Seem very efficient.

YouTube - Geo movin a little air

Not bad for 2 amps that are $195 each.