Need some help here; I got myself a 10w6ae to put in my truck, but I would like to know what other amp options I have besides the JL 250/1, which is a nice amp, but kind of expensive. Also, I know that the JL amps (/ Series) can match the odd-ball 3 ohm impeadance, but will something else out there work? Manual says it needs about 250-300 watts rms for optimum performance; I'm told by other sources that I must use an amp that's rated at or below the inpeadance of the sub, so, what kind of wattage would a 300 watt @ 2 ohms amp actually push to the sub? Would I have to step up to something more powerful than that?

My truck's a regular cab, so I would like to keep the physical size of it to something that will fit under the drivers seat (About a 12"x10" area), and the price as low as possible and still maintain reasonable quatlity. If the JL 250/1 is the best option, so be it.

Thanks for any help. CWT